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March 2010

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your lame interests and keeping me up all night!!

GIRLS!?!?!? You are interested in girls now?? Hmmm.......this is new. What happened to helping me get ready and hitting the castro? You always did my hair and make up the best and now you like girls????? Weird. I didn't think you swing both ways..... And bacon cheeseburgers?? WTF!!! You eat meat now?? Seriously I can't believe you eat meat and GOT MARRIED?!?!?! I don't know if I should be jealous or pissed you lied?? Whatever, don't try msging me on my phone anymore. Have fun with your WIFE!!!!
Why aren't you guys doing anything about comment notifications? Why are we all being ignored? This is getting super frustrating, especially because we're paying for what is becoming truly shitty service. I don't want to hear about Frank and Meme's adventures, I want some acknowledgment that something is being done to fix a notification problem that has been going on for weeks now.
Hey rhapsodyinpink, I'm well aware of the frustrations you are having. But if you could kindly open a support ticket, I'd appreciate it. As it stands I'm just the operational systems admin here. I have no control over what code is produced and what bugs are fixed in what order. When a user experiences a problem, such as not having notifications arrive, and creates a support ticket, we can use that as fire to force our engineers to address a problem.

I'm sorry I don't have more for you, I too have asked for greater insight into the systems which process our queued up jobs, ie notifications, emails, and other various services around LJ. When we can properly address this issue, mainly when we know what the cause to this problem is, we will address it. Our team has said in the past we know there is a problem, but we are having a hard time tracking it down, with the resources available.

Finally, please don't use my personal journal to rant about things inside of LJ, this is my personal space, just like you have your personal space on LJ. Support / Problems should be handled via the Support Board.